Eggs! - The new must-have time-killer !

★★★★ "With its neat graphism and more
than 200 levels, Eggs! quickly turns out
efficient and highly addictive ! An ace !"
4 out of 5 - Mobile Games, september '15

Train your brain !
Hours of challenge to come !
Will you dare to challenge it ?

You can play anywhere, at any time, as soon as you get several minutes :
train, bus, subway, red traffic light, washing teeth, coffee break, wait queue,
ANYWHERE we told you!

Games are fast and each level can be played in only a handful of seconds.
Game progress is saved so as you can restart exactly where you left.
But you of course can play again unlocked levels to increase your
score or challenge your friends!

Easy and constant rules
Background music and sound effects can be turned on/off
Game in English or French

New levels will be added with updates of the app.