Mood Colors is massively voted
as a success !
People use it worldwide
for party, fun, relaxing,
home enhancement, money saving...

★★★★★ "Way better than buying
a living colors or any other
expensive real mood lamp. Awesome !"
Reviews :
Magazine BIBA
The iMums
Little Star A.R.G.

Why buy an expensive changing-color lamp when you can have on hand a smart app doing better ?
Mood Colors is the definitive application to turn your device into an awesome mood lamp !

Mood Colors has endless uses and can perfectly fit various situations.
It offers the following features :

. Numerous layers for displaying living colors with various shapes !
Choose the one you prefer or which is best for the situation
. Pick up precisely the color that fits your mood, or enjoy the auto mode and its colors waves
. Set the speed of colors changes in auto mode
. Adjust brightness according to the situation
. Turn on the sleep mode, set up the remaining time and fall asleep quietly...
Mood Colors will take care of you, and eventually fade to black and lock your device
. Facebook integration
. Share by email