Zombie Lamp

'Zombie Lamp' turns your device
into an awesome mood lamp !
Skulls, Pumpkins, Zombies, ..
"Awesome, powerful and terrific!"
- iMag October 2014
Looking for an original lamp which
brings you a coloured atmosphere ?
Here is the app you need !

Zombie Lamp allows you to :

. play with effects on your walls or ceilings, while
  in a party, into a camping tent, with friends...
. embellish your home by creating an original and
  varied decoration
. fall asleep quietly with the sleep mode
. and all this with the absolute mobility of
  your device : anytime and anywhere !

Zombie Lamp offers the following features :

. Numerous layers for displaying living colors
  with various shapes ! Choose the one you prefer
  or which is best for the situation
. Pick up precisely the color that fits your mood,
  or enjoy the auto mode and its colors waves
. Set the speed of colors changes in auto mode
. Adjust brightness according to the situation
. Turn on the sleep mode, set up the remaining time
  and fall asleep quietly... Zombie Lamp will take
  care of you, and eventually fade to black and
  lock your device
. Facebook integration
. Share by email

10 layers
Precise color selection
Manual / Auto color change
Brightness selection
Sleep timer from 1 minute to 2 hours
Sliding config menu
Menu shrinks automatically when timer has expired
Lamp fades to black rather than shutting off abruptly
Smart handling of device sleep/lock : disabled when
lamp is in use, put back on exit or after sleep mode